New Year and it's time for a New Look!

New Year and it's time for a New Look!

Reasons for a headshot in 2018

First impressions

In the age of the millennial, it is true that people have an impression about you before they even meet you. They have seen your pictures either on face book or your professional website (or LinkedIn). A professional headshot taken by a professional photographer will give you the ideal head start. A somewhat blurry, shadowy, camera phone photo of you won't quite give off the same impression as one taken by a professional photographer.

Stand Out

When a prospective client is going through Google looking for a specific service or product that he requires and you deliver it. Rests assure that he will have a number of tabs opened in search of what he needs. You will never standout if your college headshot is the start of your page. You can only stand out if a professional business headshot of yours welcomes them onto the webpage.

Old headshot is killing your job opportunities

Similarly, you may not be aware of the opportunities you are missing out on because of your old picture. The picture may be old in time or in fashion. Get trendy with the new style business headshot and attract the clientage you never knew existed. Get started with the start of the year and hire a professional Atlanta headshot specialist to do you the honors.

People believe that a person who is updated about themself will give the best modern solutions. Someone with a business headshot of 30 years ago may be like a dinosaur in the required field. Therefore, get a new headshot with a modern hair cut, so the impression is from this millennium.

Increase client base

This is an inadvertent benefit of getting a new business headshot this year. Your client base will increase based on the popularity of your search which is definite based upon a lot of researches. Profiles with pictures get more hits; the ones with professional headshots get even more. Therefore, invest in a good business headshot and see your business grow.

How to prepare for a headshot

Research the trend: be sure to use the internet to see the trends being followed in the field of photography. Remember, don’t be the dinosaur.

Clothes: Wear styles and wardrobe that fit your brand.